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Staining and Sealing
Exterior and Interior Painting
Wall Covering (Wall Paper)
Floor Treatments
Drywall Finishes
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Green products & applications

Our Services

Avilder's services are divided in two departments; new construction and reconditioning existing structures. The departments follow the same guidelines to guarantee an excellent customer service and finishing product.
Employees work under the OSHA* and EPA** guidelines to guarantee a safe environment for the employees, customers and surroundings.

Always searching for the best product for the customer. Avilder team studies the project scope and advises the customer as to the best method for completing each project successfully. Avilder also explains the importance of green products versus traditional products.

Engineering Expertise:
Basically, project management is the key for a happy ending for the business relationship between Avilder and the customer. Before a project starts, the team analyses the various scenarios that could affect the process of work and determine the work schedule that works best for the customer.
Avilder has the vast line of painting products for the client to choose from. Nowadays there is a specific product for every application.

Avilder's crew consists of experienced painters who are proud of the finished product. Each team member has its own field of expertise within the services mentioned below.

We have the tools that the project demands. Equipment is the primary means for delivering a project on time and producing an excellent product.

We always provide the best warranty in the market. After the principles mentioned above; we feel confident in offering a warranty that will satisfy the customers' demands.
*Occupational Safety and Health Administration
**Environmental Protection Agency