How would you feel better or increase your revenues?

Re-energize, increase productivity, enjoy where you live and work while protecting your property and wallet. How? … Painting.

Proven studies show that color schemes stimulate brain cells which control human behavior; therefore, people in pleasant environments will perform and feel better than in dull surroundings. Painting can have an remarkable impact on any situation; selling a property, marketing strategy, introducing new products, switching business ideas, attracting customers, saving energy, protecting building surfaces, business branding, etc. Painting can offer a color scheme that meets the needs of the home or business owner.

Avilder brings colors, protection and ideas to your environment. In order to achieve the full benefits of painting, the application of the paint is as important as the paint itself. We are proud to offer a level of quality service that guarantees that the results not only meet your standards, but exceed them.

Why Us...

Avilder's 5 step program guarantees exceptional customer service before, while and after the project is completed.
Our staff meets with the customer and discusses concerns and needs. We analyze the project and identify the appropriate alternatives according to the customer's budget.

Avilder has the latest technology for estimating. All the information gathered from the interview goes to Avilder headquarters. Estimating software then calculates precise estimates which guarantee you the most value for the price.

Avilder studies the scope of the project and organizes the work plan around the customer's schedule, datelines and requirements.
Our crew is dedicated to Avilder's standards of excellence, guaranteeing expedited labor, quality finishing and clean craftsmanship.

Alvider's staff walks through the project to make sure the customer is satisfied and advises him about possible future building projects.